Chubby Mustard Pillow


This chubby mustard pillow has been specially designed for newborns. A baby can sleep for more than 18 hours mustard seed pillow helps during sleep hours and helps maintain the roundness of the baby's head.

This double-layered 100 count cotton pillow sleeve, comes with a filler of natural mustard seeds.



  • Materials: 100% Handmade Cotton, Mustard Seeds
  • Dimensions: 27 x 17 cms
  • Care: Pillow Sleeve - Hand wash in mild detergent, Mustard Seed Filler - Should not be washed.



  • Malleable and takes natural head shape.
  • 100% Natural, sun-dried mustard seeds.
  • Filler stays intact when kept in sunlight, when not in use.
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